What are the Signs of Being Pregnant ?

Every woman has different signs of being pregnant. Whether this is your first, or your third, every pregnancy is different. The first indication may be a missed period although many women can just sense the first signs of being pregnant. Experiencing any of these signs may just give you the reason to take a test. The only way to be positive that you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test.

Signs of Being Pregnant – Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is sometimes referred to as Pregnancy Sickness, as it doesn’t limit itself to just the morning. Eight out of ten pregnant women will experience it throughout their pregnancy, with half of those actually vomiting. It will most likely strike a woman fairly soon after conception, but most commonly begins at six weeks. If you make it through the first trimester without any nausea, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Some women often experience these symptoms well into the second and possibly even third trimester. No one knows for sure what causes morning sickness, but there is no shortage of theories. Although there is no sure cure, there are many ways of minimizing the misery. Eat early, eat light, eat often and eat well are just a few ways to decrease morning sickness.

Tender Breasts and Nipples

Breast tenderness can also be early signs of being pregnant, although some woman may attest to their period. This usually happens within the first weeks of pregnancy and will subside after the first trimester. This may resume later in the pregnancy but there is nothing we can do to prevent these discomforts. You can decrease the breast pain by using cold ice packs or trying cool cabbage leaves which form nicely onto the breast.

Signs of Being Pregnant – Frequent Urination

For most women, trips to the washroom will become much more frequent in the early weeks of pregnancy. You may feel the urge to pee at all hours of the day and night. It by no means is convenient, but it is completely normal. Do not cut back on fluids thinking this will slow down the bathroom trips, you need to stay hydrated as your body and you baby need a constant supply of fluids. If you have no noticeable increase in urination, this may be normal for you, but make it a point to stay hydrated as a lack of fluids can lead to dehydration and urinary tract infections (UTI).


Your body, although not visible, is going through enormous changes in the first weeks of pregnancy. Allow yourself to rest, let others help you when needed, get lots of sleep and baby yourself. Some woman may feel extreme fatigue while others may breeze through not missing a step. Keep in mind that fatigue is a sign from your body that you need to slow down, enjoy the down time as in the coming months you will be longing for it. Some women believe that extreme exhaustion is a sign of being pregnant with twins, while this may be true, don’t fret only 3 percent of women conceive twins naturally.

Implantation Bleeding and Spotting

Some (but not all) woman experience slight spotting when the embryo implants within the uterus. This usually happens five to ten days after conception and may be confused with your monthly flow. This will arrive earlier than your period is expected and will appear light to medium pink in color. Don’t worry; this is completely normal and twenty to thirty percent of woman will experience it.

These are just a few of the main signs of pregnancy. I you have some or all of these signs of pregnancy there is a good chance you are about to become a mother.

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